More Quotes About My Work

Here are a few more recent quotes about my paintings:


I am so happy to finally have [this painting] in my home and love that it is the first thing I see when I walk in every day! Thank you for my beautiful artwork!

                                                                                  ~Erin Blevins, Orangevale, CA, U.S.


Stunning, as always! This is so serene.

                                                                               ~Lesley McIver, Lampwork Artist, 

                                                                                  Golden Bay, New Zealand


This is so fresh, it feels so lighthearted and spring like to me.

                                                                                ~Kelly Merchant, Photographer

                                                                                 High Falls, NY   U.S.


Your paintings are wonderful for their multiple layers. Their history yet simultaneously their freshness comes across every time.

                                                                            ~Fiona Long, Artist

                                                                           London, United Kingdom