Quotes About My Work

I have begun collecting some quotes about my paintings and I thought I would like to share a few with you.


"Kim's brilliant use of colour and bold texture takes me out of myself and cosmically draws me in to another place of wonder.  I am fascinated by her boundless creativity. Sometimes rich, sometimes sweet, sometimes both... and never disappointing!"

                                                                                                ~Chrissandra Unger, Painter/Musician

                                                                                                   Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


I HAVE TO THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !! It´s an absolute honour to me to have your "Avocado Berry" now hanging on my deep-red show wall !!

                                                                                               ~Kornelia Wagner,  Vonderau Museum

                                                                                                 Fulda, Germany


Kim’s work is a joy to own!

                                                                                               ~Lesley McIver, Glass Artist

                                                                                                 Golden Bay, New Zealand


Kim’s art draws you in, makes you think, reveals itself in new layers with each look.

                                                                                               ~Jessica Voigts, PhD

                                                                                                 Wandering Educators

                                                                                                Michigan, United States


Kim's art deserves to be seen.

                                                                                               ~Dennis Kern, Artist/Art Appraiser

                                                                                               Montana, United States