Artist Statement

My work is about capturing the silence of time in layers of paint to coax the viewer to pause. I consider how a color, a line, or a splash might touch an individual, and I’m interested in the various feelings these things might reveal. My expectation is for each painting to elicit different emotions in every viewer.

I prefer to be as close to the materials and the painting surface as possible, so my hands are my favorite studio tool. My own senses of sight and touch, along with being in flow, lead me to the next step in each painting. The nature of the materials either push me forward or cause me to pause at particular points to contemplate the progress.

In addition to finding inspiration in silence, I currently work on pieces that slowly reveal themselves to the viewer. I am inspired by moments of time being embodied within the stratum of paint. Sometimes it is a painting inspired by a season of sunsets from a particular location, or by several visits to the same body of water. We all experience these moments no matter where we are or what we are doing. I want to be able to show them in a way to evoke individual meaning.