Atelier 325 formed between Andrea Hupke de Palacio (German living in France) and Kim Rodeffer Funk (American living in the US)

First exhibition of artwork at Martinsmarkt in Heuchelheim, Germany, EU


Exhibition at Fluss mit Flair in Giessen, Germany, EU

Exhibition, Meeresbewohner (Sea Creatures) with German Painter, Verena Kuhnlein, at Martime Hotel in Fulda, Germany, EU

Fuldaer Zeitung Sunday, July 6 article published (in German)

Exhibition, Mirroring, with French Photographer, Raphaele Tolron, at Chop Salon in Berkeley, California, US

Individual workshops began in Paris environs


“Kunst & Kulinarisches” (Art and Culinary) exhibition, Hotel Arte, Fulda, Germany

Fulder Zeitung Saturday, February 25 article published (in German)

Individual Creativity Workshops being taught in Paris Environs

Kim – March,  interview published by Wandering Educators and featured as Artist of the Month

Andrea – April, interview published by Wandering Educators and featured as Artist of the Month

became co-art editors for Wandering Educators.   We interview artist about their work and write an introduction for the interview each month.  The artists are featured as The Artist of the Month.

Exhibition, Meeresbewohner (Sea Creatures) at the Joannesstift Senior Citizen Home in Giessen, Germany, EU

"A4 Exposez" The Third Artist painting, Oyster Bed is exhibited at the Universite des Beaux Arts Paris, Paris, France, EU


"Meeresbewohner" (Sea Creatures) at Hautklinik, University of Giessen, Giessen, Germany, EU

"Blue Water and Other Colors" at Universitats - Hautklinik, University of Giessen, Giessen, Germany, EU

United States studio moved to Houston, Texas, United States


"Introductions"  small exhibit at Big Sky Breakout Gallery, Missoula, Montana, United States

United States studio established in Missoula, Montana, United States

European studio established in Giessen, Germany, EU

"This Keeps Us Going" Atelier 325 exhibition as part of a charity event for Lambros Community Foundation, Missoula, Montana, United States


"Teile des Ganzen" (Parts of the Whole) Landkreis, Giessen Germany

Continued with renovations for European studio and gallery, Giessen, Germany, EU

Atelier 325 is 5 years old.

"Studio Selections"  Big Sky Breakout Gallery, Missoula, Montana