2003 co-wrote a series of interior design textbooks for Rhodec International, Brighton, England, UK

1980 - 2000 freelanced in various interior design positions and graphic design positions and was co-

                             principal of Odyssey Design Group

                        taught interior design courses for Rhodec International, Brighton, England, UK         



2017 continue to meet challenges of re-establishing the US and European studios

2016 established a US studio in Missoula, MT (current Atelier 325 US studio)

          European studio moved to Giessen, Germany (current Atelier 325 European studio)

2015 moved US studio to Houston, TX

2014 became co-art editor for Wandering Educators online magazine. I interview artists for their 

              artist of the month feature.

          Atelier 325 nominated, as a team, for a 2014 N.I.C.E. Award given by the European Center for

             Creative Economy.  This award “honors effective cultural initiatives.”

2012 formed Atelier 325 with Andrea Hupke de Palacio. Atelier 325 is an international fine art 

              cooperative used to experiment and explore the possibilities which exist between artists and 

               art forms.

          Established a shared studio with Andrea Hupke de Palacio in Paris, France and Vienna, VA, US

          began exhibiting paintings in Europe

2008 paintings added to private collections in the US, Europe and Oceania 

2007 returned to the US and set up a studio in Vienna, VA to organize my professional practice 

2006 paintings placed in private collections in Europe and US

2005 studio and studies moved to Hampshire, England, UK

2000 began intensive self-studio of visual fine art and began a serious studio practice



2019 Studio Selections Big Sky Breakout Gallery, Missoula, Montana

2018 Studio Selections Big Sky Breakout Gallery, Missoula, Montana

2017  Teile des Ganzen (Parts of the Whole) Landkreis, Giessen, Germany

         Studio Selections Big Sky Breakout Gallery, Missoula, Montana

2016 This Keeps Us Going  (two person exhibition with Andrea Hupke de Palacio)

              Lambros Community Foundation charity event, Missoula, MT, US

          Introductions Big Sky Breakout Gallery Missoula, MT, US

2015 Blue Water and Other Colors  Universitäts - Hautklinik, University of Giessen, Giessen, 


          Meeresbewohner(Sea Creatures)  Giessener Hautklinik, University of Giessen, Giessen, 


         It’s Time to Go   (Open Studio exhibition) Vienna, VA, US

2014  Holiday Exhibition  (five paintings, jury selected) Radius Gallery, Missoula, MT, US

          A4Exposez  The Third Artist (painting by myself and Andrea Hupke de Palacio) Oyster

              BedUniversité des Beaux Arts Paris, Paris, France

          Meeresbewohner(Sea Creatures)  Johannesstift Home, Giessen, Germany

         Kunst & Kulinarisches(Arts and Culinary)  Hotel Arte, Fulda, Germany

2013 MirroringChop Salon, Berkeley, CA, US

          Meeresbewohner(Sea Creatures), Martim Hotel, Fulda, Germany

         Fluss Mit Flair (group participation)  Giessen, Germany

2012 Martinsmarkt (group participation) Heuchelheim, Germany




2014  Giessener Allgemeine Zeitung, Wednesday, April 30(in German)

          Giessener Anzeiger, Wednesday, April 30(in German)

          Interview with Wandering Educators website(

          Fuldaer Zeitung, Saturday, February 25 (in German)

2013 Fuldaer Zeitung,  Sunday, July 6(in German)

2009 photograph A Peek of Prague published in The Truth About The Fact - International Journal of

             Literary Non-Fiction




1976 - 1980   studied Interior Design at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US