Photography  Akos Major

Kim Rodeffer Funk

Art can change your life.  Owning and experiencing a special piece of art can bring joy and peace into the stressful lives we lead in the twenty-first century, because it can remind us of special times and special places.  We all owe it to ourselves and to those we love to find the art which speaks to us and which enriches our lives. 

I have always enjoyed drawing and creating which went along with the interior design work of my former life. Understanding and applying the elements and principles of art and design has always been a focus in my work. Now, I am translating all of the wonderful things I learned and used in interior design to the freedom of expression fine art provides.

My paintings are an internal process which leans towards contemporary and abstract expression. Any number of things might inspire a painting, but often it is something from within which is not really explainable. The process for me is important.

I mainly use acrylics on canvas and paper however I also enjoy exploring with a variety of mediums.  I love to explore the process of layering because it reflects how we live our lives.  I think of them as years of living. 

My paintings have been placed in a variety of private collections around the world including Germany, England, France and New Zealand. In the United States I have collectors in California, Montana, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland.

Art has the power to change your life if you know how to view it and you will allow it to happen.