Trying to Settle In

Andrea and I have spent the last two years moving the two and a half Atelier 325 studios.  The US studio has moved from Washington, DC, to Houston, Texas and has finally found a home in Missoula, Montana.  The "half studio" is a smaller, satellite studio in Houston.  The Paris studio has moved to Giessen, Germany (near Frankfurt) and is established as a small studio as it awaits the necessary construction of it's "forever home".  

Moving studios, not to mention households, is a tedious process.  When you consider moving them multiple times, across large countries and from one country to another, it can become mind-boggling.  Life is different now for both of us and it is a good to keep the change going.  We continue to cherish each moment in our chaotic studios.  We value your continued support throughout this process and hope to be sharing more exciting news with you in the near future.

Now, it is back to work for us!

Atelier 325 Exhibition in Missoula, Montana, US

Atelier 325 is looking forward to bringing our work to the US with this large exhibition of our individual work as well as The Third Artist paintings.  We hope you can attend, and support Lambros Community Foundation, if you are in the area.

More Quotes About My Work

Here are a few more recent quotes about my paintings:


I am so happy to finally have [this painting] in my home and love that it is the first thing I see when I walk in every day! Thank you for my beautiful artwork!

                                                                                  ~Erin Blevins, Orangevale, CA, U.S.


Stunning, as always! This is so serene.

                                                                               ~Lesley McIver, Lampwork Artist, 

                                                                                  Golden Bay, New Zealand


This is so fresh, it feels so lighthearted and spring like to me.

                                                                                ~Kelly Merchant, Photographer

                                                                                 High Falls, NY   U.S.


Your paintings are wonderful for their multiple layers. Their history yet simultaneously their freshness comes across every time.

                                                                            ~Fiona Long, Artist

                                                                           London, United Kingdom








Quotes About My Work

I have begun collecting some quotes about my paintings and I thought I would like to share a few with you.


"Kim's brilliant use of colour and bold texture takes me out of myself and cosmically draws me in to another place of wonder.  I am fascinated by her boundless creativity. Sometimes rich, sometimes sweet, sometimes both... and never disappointing!"

                                                                                                ~Chrissandra Unger, Painter/Musician

                                                                                                   Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


I HAVE TO THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !! It´s an absolute honour to me to have your "Avocado Berry" now hanging on my deep-red show wall !!

                                                                                               ~Kornelia Wagner,  Vonderau Museum

                                                                                                 Fulda, Germany


Kim’s work is a joy to own!

                                                                                               ~Lesley McIver, Glass Artist

                                                                                                 Golden Bay, New Zealand


Kim’s art draws you in, makes you think, reveals itself in new layers with each look.

                                                                                               ~Jessica Voigts, PhD

                                                                                                 Wandering Educators

                                                                                                Michigan, United States


Kim's art deserves to be seen.

                                                                                               ~Dennis Kern, Artist/Art Appraiser

                                                                                               Montana, United States